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Brampton South MP Candidate Sonia Sidhu
Sonia Sidhu, MP Candidate Brampton South

Sonia Sidhu is the Member of Parliament for Brampton South. She was first elected on October 19, 2015, and has worked closely with Justin Trudeau to grow our middle class, make life more affordable for families, and build a better future for everyone in our community.

Sonia sits on the House of Commons’ Standing Committee on Health and is the Vice-Chair of the Standing Committee on the Status of Women. She has a passion for diabetes awareness and prevention, which she champions in her role as the Chair of the All-Party Diabetes Caucus.

Sonia has distinguished herself in Parliament as someone focused on strong representation for her constituents, protecting people’s health, and making life better for newcomers to Canada. Before politics, she worked as a healthcare professional for 18 years, a record that has helped her understand the roots of health care needs across the country – experience that has also helped her assist our community as we have navigated the impacts of COVID-19.

She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and has worked as a volunteer on political campaigns at all three levels of government. She has a proven dedication to her community, and has been a volunteer leader with numerous local organizations, including Trillium Health Centre. She lives in her riding of Brampton South with her husband Gurjit, twin daughters Arshia and Amrit, and her son Akash.‎

Sonia will never stop working hard to be the strongest voice for our community and to ensure all Canadians have a real and fair chance at success.

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